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Update on refineries: If u never find dental crowns or unmarked jewelry u can skip this report.

Spoke with another company today after being shorted once again on crowns. Here’s the deal wanted to share this it may also concern anything you send in that’s unmarked. They do not test prior to smelting and do not test after either. They know dental crowns are a minimum of 10k . Had the representative from a PA. Company pull my smelting report. The weight dropped 60% from what was sent in. No where on the report did it state what carat it tested as after smelt.
They are only paying 41.7 % of weight at 10k despite what you actually send them. This company did state gold in the crown where the other said no gold in any dental crowns only palladium. When asked to send my item back as stated in their add I was told send the check back & we will see if we can find it. Lol! Yea right. So beware out there if you have jewelry missing readable marks you will probably be treated the same way.😬

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