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Re: That's not your everyday Ring daddy there! Very NIce!!

Yea, that's for sure. Bubba has been hunting for just over a year now, with my influence and advise, of course he was gonna do well with my guidance. lol, Up until recently he has used a CZ-21, but a battery wire came loose in the battery box, so off to El Paso for repairs. Him being so addicted to detecting, he went out a got a backup machine. Yes, you guessed it, a excal 2. The dealer where he bought the new machine allowed him to use a used excal 2 from his store until his arrived. (It came yesterday) Anyway, he had only used the xcal for 1 day before he found that ring. He said that the CZ-21 would have found it also, but the fact he was using a completely unfamiliar machine makes it really amazing. Now he's got 2 outstanding water machines. I told him I expect to see some great finds this year!!!!

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