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My unbelievable vacation, lots of Gold conclusion!!

I want to preface this recount of my vacation by saying i`ve been on vacations detecting and came home with no gold, my 6 day trip in november i got only 2 good rings, my first palladium and a nice big 14k. When going on vacation i always have a goal or dream (or fantasy) of getting 1 gold per day and i`ve never met this goal, my trip in February was the 1st time i met my dream goal and found 8 rings in 7 days. This trip blew my mind and possibly will be the best trip i will ever go on for the rest of my life (i hope not). My plan was if the cut was still open which it was i was only going to dig 12;40 or less on my CTX and try to ignore most coins and silver because the cut was so rocky and super hard to dig, many times taking 4, 5 or 6 slams with my foot to get the target out of the rocky bottom and into my scoop. 2 of the rings in this post are 10K the rest 14K and one beautiful ladies ring 18K ring with real diamonds. I also found 2 class rings, 1 very crusty 89 broken in half which i just got back from my jeweler being cleaned up and Trillium junk class ring. Also found part of a small gold chain dangling from my scoop after digging a target. I also found 1 small thin 10K ring that later ring fell apart in many pieces after trying to clean it. Here is a lot of pics. I ended up with 14 Gold rings 2 broken gold rings a pendant and half a gold chain and toe ring. 45 grams of gold. And my best vacation ever, so far. Thanks for looking and HH and good luck to all out in the water!! Matt

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