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Farewell SurfSide and Myrtle Beach SC.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my week long stay here at SurfSide beach and had a lot of fun metal detecting the beach around here.
Myrtle Beach State Park was my favorite place because of parking, security, beach condition, location, and beach population.
For $5 a day it was cheaper than paying for parking elsewhere.
Didn't find any gold jewelry but did find some coins that were covered in a brown scale indication they had been in the sand for a few weeks at least.
Very clean beach and not much trash.
I predict some good finds will be made there this summer.

The detector I chose to use was the White's MX Sport (stock coil) and I am pleased to report it worked better than expected in the salt water soaked sand.
It isnt a FBS Minelab in the wet stuff but for a single freq VLF it was surprisingly stable and deep.
In the dry sand it worked like a champ and everything for about 10" under the coil was detected and maintained a very stable threshold hum.

This shoreline is very different from Corpus Christi, Texas where the beaches are open all year round to vehicle traffic and parking.
Beach access to Mustang Island (Gulf Coast) is never a problem.
Here in SC you must pay to park your vehicle and the homes and condos are lined right at the dunes.

So for now its off to Seneca SC for 5 weeks and then back home to Corpus Christi, Texas for the summer.

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