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Another potiential place to sell your gold and silver

Hi all
Found this 1 ounce silver bar on the beach yesterday. I can't imagine who or why someone would carry something like this around, especially on the beach, but lucky me, I found it first. It being a high conductor, I thought I was digging up a quarter but as I was shaking the sand from my scoop, something started banging around that was much heavier than a quarter. I was dumbfounded. I looked up Prospector's Gold and Gems on line an found out something very interesting that I thought I would share with everyone. This company is located in Ft Collins Co. and they produce silver and gold bars among other things. The interesting thing is that you can send them your gold and silver and they will either buy it outright or they will refine it for you and send you back the finished product in these bars to your specifications. Their prices are better that a lot of places that I have seen to purchase your gold and it looks like there is no minimum amount. according to their site they will pay 90% for .5 oz or less, and of course the more you have the higher they pay, they pay 98% for more than 10 oz. I have not used this company, I only know about them because of the bar I found yesterday. I just thought I would share that this could be another possible place for you to sell your gold and silver, I have heard a lot of bad experiences about the main wo buyer that most people use on here.

HH and Good Luck

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