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I hate to pop your bubble, but, if your detector picked it up at 5" or more .....
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(don't take this wrong), you either weren't in salt water (up on the beach) or you were using a Fisher P I and not a Fisher VLF which is what the 1280x golf was as I recall. I used both a lot on Florida & Georgia beaches which by the way also have black sand. Most likely it was shallower and it rolled deeper into the hole you made. I'm saying this based on the fact of 47 years of use, a dealer of 8 brands including Fisher, a SE Regional distributor for a major brand, built my own first two metal, detectors from scratch, and serviced, Garrett, Whites, Bounty Hunter, Fisher, and Tesoro machines for over 20 years. I also modified various brands for use by deaf persons installing a tactile sensor. I've also created many test gardens with different soils to debauch most claims about detection depth. Its very easy to be fooled about depth detection in beach sand and especially when using a sieve digger. The funniest thing is following behind people who don't really know how to use or properly tune a machine and get a good target out of the hole they left. So you could also have satisfied yourself the target you detected was the ball and not a still deeper target.6

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