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Getting my Fisher 1280X ready for summer swinging!!!!

I bought my Fisher 1280X, with an 8 inch coil, way back when they were lifetime warranty. It has many hours of use under its' belt, starting to show its age....SO,I called Fisher to make sure about the 'lifetime warranty' still in effect, they said 'YEP!!!'....SO; Next Wednesday, it's going back for: New 8 inch coil and cable, new hardwired headphones, armrest, control knobs and faceplate decal, and housing attachment....All it's going to cost me is $25.00 service charge, and shipping there, and he told me they practice a "one week turnaround" policy...SO: a mostly brand new detector, for a few $$ over $25.00?? STILL, with the 'lifetime warranty' still in effect??? OOOH, la, la!!!!...I was quite surprised, when I checked the price of a new 1280X with an 8 inch coil, it is still the same price as when I bought mine new: $599.00........!!

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