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Update : Midwest & Gold

So We have been finding dental gold crowns here for the last several years, a lot. I use to send them to ARA & they paid on the exact weight & carat sent in including 90% being white/silver/grey colored crowns. They then started bouncing checks & only paying for 10k on all crowns despite carat.
I later switched along with others to Midwest. First shipment 6 white gold crowns ranging between 10k-18k. They paid exactly what I had figured.
Weights were exact & the carats. Second shipment (no phone calls or emails notification) I received statement with check for $100. Instead of what should have been $300. The statement stated No Gold, palladium. Weight went from 14.9 grams or 0.479 Troy oz. received to 0.144 paid.

Called & spoke first with Raul who said no dental crowns contain gold only palladium. Really? Then the owner Gary spoke with me & I explained my case & thought that made an honest mistake. No Gary stated white/silver/grey dental crowns contain no gold only palladium. I explained they paid both myself & my friend this past December for the same crowns as gold. He said that & other payouts were mistakes.
I asked why the weight went from very heavy metal to only 0.14 ? He stated they only had 40% palladium. I asked then what was the other 60%?
He said he doesn’t know they don’t test for that. Again he said no gold in those crowns. I told him that didn’t make sense. He went on to tell me gold testing machines out there don’t work. Testing stones don’t work. Pawn shops are not testing correctly & so on. Boy I have a headache by now.
I told him we would not be sending any more shipments to his company.
So I looked up materials used in dental crowns, white/silver/grey.. in his own words 40% palladium .if this was true they would still have 48% gold
See attached chart bottom. Ok I’m done shhhhhhu,! Lol😬

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