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What are the odds

Last week while doing a bit of beach detecting i recovered a ring. It appeared to be a class ring. I could tell that there was something engraved inside the ring so when i got home i did some electrolysis on it. Discovered a young ladies name. I called a couple who i thought were her parents as i knew that had a daughter by that name and it was her ring. I worked with her dad at two different jobs for over 13 years

She had lost the ring in 2016 which was the year she got it. Dad was not aware that the ring had been lost. Yesterday i stopped by the place he works and gave him his daughters ring.

Dad says he is going to have some with his daughter over the ring.

What are the odds that i would find a ring that belongs to the Daughter of someone that i have knows that many years.

I may go buy a lottery ticket. The odds are about the same.

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