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Couple more hunts: gold and silver...

Last Saturday hunted the shore. Lots of targets on the lower wet sand. Clad was very high with lots of greenies. Added 3 silver rings and my first dental gold of the year (2.0 grams). Hunt was just over 3 hours.

Yesterday did a lake hunt with the AU Goldfinder. Did the shallows and shoreline. 40 mph winds gusts coming off the water beat me into submission after only an hour and a half. Sad because things were going well. Walked away with 3 small silver and a 14k earring (1.0 gram).

And today...tried the shore after the storm. Wind direction wasn't the best from it. Waves and surge were nasty. Storm pulled a lot of sand off the upper beach but seemed to deposit it in the areas that were productive last weekend. Hunted 3 beaches looked at a few more. Best was $4 in clad and plastic dinosaur. I'm sure the storm opened up or is going to open up some spots. Unfortunately I liked pre-storm conditions. Thanks for looking! HH,Harry

Silver and gold

Last Saturday


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