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Whew! What a day! Ring Daddy's #3, #4 & #5 One big FAT DADDY at 1.16 OUNCES!

Been away for some work this past week and was itching to get out. I wasn't sure what to expect or where best to go so I just went to where I last found gold and man did it pay off! First one was a nice little class ring that cam in at 12.16 on the CTX. I expected a pulltab as I had dug a "few" at this point but was much happier with the gold! A bit further on and after ALOT of lead sinkers I started digging a great sounding 12.41 (figured a nice large sinker right?) I hadn't even looked in the scoop yet and was shaking the sand out in the water and I heard it banging around in the scoop (yup! MUST be a sinker!) To say I was surprised is an understatement. "Gobsmacked" might be a better term! It was HUGE! 10K class ring (1969 year I was born) weighing in at 33 grams or 1.16 ounces! The icing on the cake was the sweet 14K band at 7.6 grams.

Also got a really crusty silver ring that I'll clean later and a piece of a bronze ship spike.

Exhausted doesn't even cover it but I'll be having another go at it tomorrow but I could never hope to get that lucky 2 days in a row!

Good luck all!

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