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my matching set - not as old as yours
I was at a popular R.I. beach - place gets pounded
I arrived at beach at sunrise - not a soul in sight - at waters edge and getting set up to enter the water
place my scoop handle on my hip - detector against my stomach and place headphones on head and turn machine on
machine is got a tone constant tone (have this happen before and had water in the box)
- check settings and see if I have something turned to far - nope
lift coil up and goes away - thank God. Place coil back down and got tone again - I move coil and it goes away
I had placed my coil on a target when I turned it on - signal was not strong like it would be for a recent drop
sounded like it was down a little - scooped straight down with RTG and took about a foot of wet sand out - rechecked
and target is in the scoop - was at waters edge so let the water come up and dipped scoop in to let sand filter out easier
I look in and see nice mens band. That's the way to start a hunt. I head out into the water and hunted for about 3 hrs - 1 1/2 hrs before low
1 1/2 hrs after - Didn't get much to speak of other than handful of coins. people are starting to show up I head out.
I headed right back to area I had gotten in - was easy to know cause I usually go in right in front of this particular lifeguard stand
Since they had raked the beach ...I could see my dive boot prints still - I'm in a few inches of water and swinging wildly at this point
I don't usually hit wet or dry sand but usually will swing my way back to the parking lot - I get real close to spot where I got the wedding
band and get another signal maybe 3 ft from where I set my machine up and it sounds very similar - I scoop down bout a foot and once again
dip it in the surf and look in and to my surprise - another wedding band - smaller and identical to the first - what a way to end a day.
Did husband put both in his pocket so as to not lose them? - did someone get divorced and bury them? - did some one pass away and they were buried there?
Like Marks - who knows

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