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Been a rough slog for a while but FINALLY Ring Daddy #2 and some cool silver! Oh and....GO EAGLES!

Got out yesterday after some higher winds the night before. Everything has been SO sanded in here both on the oceanfront and the bay but I was able to find a few slightly washed out areas that held some good stuff! Went back today and it was a totally different story, most of the sand was right back in place......beach replenishment? Ha! Who needs it! We got PLENTY here now!

Ring was 10K 5.5 grams. Came in at 12.24 on the CTX but was 12.27 on the surface. It was pretty deep. I was using the 17" coil (alot lately) and it has been great at getting some nice stuff at good depth and the large coverage area is great! Got a few nice silver pieces and the ring which I thought might be junk from the rust coating was actually silver and pretty darn heavy at 12 grams.

Good luck to all of ya out there!

Thought these were cool shots:

Today, different story. One junker fits-all ring and a small piece of a silver ring or earring.

My Dad sent us some of these shirts from back home....GO EAGLES!

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