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My first Honor Roll, for this young couple and a happy baby @ Turtle Beach, Seista Key, Florida

I was trolling along about a week ago when this Family asked me if I'd help look for a wedding ring the man lost earlier that day, and of course I was more than glad to help. They weren't quite sure where the ring came off, but I told them I'd give it my best. It wasn't even 20 minutes later, up pops the lost ring. But that didn't matter, cause I had found it, and then the hugs and hand shakes, thank you after thank you, the ring was back on his finger. The best part was to see how very happy they were. Even the baby was smiling. You'd think it was his ring by the way he looks. Anyway, they were soon to be heading back to Indiana. If I hadn't found the ring, they may never remembered their Florida vacation as a happy one. I was as happy leaving the beach as if I had filled my pouch with goodies. A very rewarding day for all involved. Thanks for looking.

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