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One reason Scott and I were out last Saturday for the first time this year, it was brutal..tides were the lowest I've ever seen at -3.0 feet. Temps were....17F Wind chilly -6...... Water temp 30, unfortunately most of the bay is frozen but we were able to drive south and find open waters. We ended up doing 3 1/2 hours, mostly, just below the chest water. Once finished Scott had to cut my detector strap and tie cord for it was frozen to my drysuit. Gloves had to be pried apart for they were locked in with ice where they fit into the drysuit. Did not find much but it was a more or less to see how long we can handle all with our setups. I do think I could have been out few more hours if we were finding treasure or the right targets. We will be back out this coming Sunday but temps are looking much warmer....

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