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Cruel and unusual punishment...

With all the cold and snow, even the wet sand is frozen !!!! Where to go and where can I dig !!!!

There's one pile of sand leftover from Sandy that is loaded with trash. But a good strong wind blows the the light sand off
leaving some goodies exposed on top. Its extremely difficult to hunt as its loaded with melted aluminum from the fire.

Well any port in a storm... I just had to get out of the house !!! After all it was a balmy day at 30 degrees !!!

A few coins but not much as the sand was frozen and the wind didnt do much. Plus the fact, I have hunted this place to death.

Just barely paid for McD's $1 menu lunch and spotted this nice little bromo seltzer bottle....Filled with 22 shells from thr shooting galleries !!!

Just made my day...Come on Spring !!!


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