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Looks like I'm not the only one getting and returning the first gold ring of the year! Ring Daddy #1 and Honor Role Submission.

I met this gentleman a few months ago when coming off the beach at the oceanfront. I had been answering some questions (in Spanish) from some local landscapers and he worked with them. He told me that he lost his ring while working at a business complex. He told me while doing some landscaping there he encountered an underground hornets nest and when he shooed them away with his hand, his ring when flying ring into the spot where the nest was. We made an attempt that same week that ended in a stalemate with the bees. It was still fall and they were active around the nest. Fast forward to our first snow of the year and I knew those suckers wouldn't becoming out of their hole!

Even though it was a small area, the 6+ inches of snow that covered another layer of piled brush, was full of old beer cans and bottle tops. Great, all the small aluminium sounds and rings up just like gold! Just to make it a bit more fun eh? LOL It took several attempts and lots of scraping away snow and brush to where I finally found it! I took some happy snaps and sent them to the owner, he was excited as hell! I told him to send his address I was coming to him (he had all 3 of his kids at home that day). He was very appreciative and had offered me money or something repeatedly but I told him I was just happy to help! Guess it was pretty good Karma as I decided to hit the Bay last night and though there was no gold I did get a nice heavy silver rope chain (and stainless steel cross) as well as a silver earring and some other stuff. The upper and lower beaches were easy to dig but the spot in the middle was frozen down about an inch or so on top! Had to do some chipping to get holes started! Good luck out there and stay warm!

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