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Got a call Friday night from Andrew asking if I could help find his wife's wedding rings she lost in the snow while playing with her kids. Told him I could come the next day. Got up early and took the 35 minute ride and was met by his wife Kelly. She showed me where she was when the rings flew off her finger when she brushed off the snow from her pants. Started detecting and found a lot of targets in the ground to deal with and had to check them all. Coming up empty I moved over out of the area she said they came off at and after a few swings I found the first ring, a couple of more swings and out came the second. They went further than she thought. Best part of doing a recovery is the BIG smile that follows and hug. Went out the following day with JerseyMatt to help him with another recovery which he was the lucky one to find the ring that time. Happy Hunting All.....

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