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Thank You, The Memories of the hunts are the best gift..
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A small leather change purse, containing 3 late 1800's nickels, one was a shielded 1887, one a V 1888 and the other 1861 Belgium 5 centimes

The Plat I found during the Summer, on the slope. Dug the main ring first, it was dusk and could not see well. Figured it was junk, then the other two plat bands came out with in a few I stopped hunting and did not look at them until I got back home..Met OC COP (Mark) the next morning for breakfast and shared. We waited, and waited and no one ever filed a lost ring report. Took it to Jared Jewelries a few weeks later..replacement value..23/27 g. offered 9204.oo

The date band, Oct 5 1867 came from a beach right in the heart of Annapolis near a old fort that has been gone for some time. A small gold watch was found with in a few feet of the band.

The 1916 class ring came from a beach that gave and gave. Ended up with 53 gold rings from that spot in one year, and today...I'm lucky to find a sinker.

One other cool memory, the day I got a ticket for being a Pirate...

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