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Some totals from 2017...

Haven't been on much recently but wanted to say congratulations to everyone and their fantastic finds this year.

I took a few pictures yesterday before the snow. Some of the good finds and maybe not so good finds. Most of my jewelry is small. Mainly hunting pounded sites with high frequency detecrors. This was the first year I picked up broken glass. All of these pieces came from swimming areas both fresh and saltwater. I know there were over 150 pieces. Did I get rewarded for removing them? Who knows but couldn't let anyone step on these. I know I was blessed to be able to hunt this year. The most physically demanding year so far. Got to hunt with some good friends too. Some are members on this forum. Made a few returns. One will stick with me forever. So here we go...
Things that didn't pan out for 2017 worst year in 9 years
Paper money...worst year ever. Donna said this was coming. She was right!
Not a single night hunt for the second straight year.
Junk jewelry...400+ pieces...I guess what is being worn.

Things that were decent in 2017
104 total gold pieces. That ties my 6th best year.
133 silver. Not even close to a record but I'm happy with that.
8,952 coins for $828.21. Majority of that came from June-Sept. Mostly summer loses.

So that is the year. Mostly just hunting weekends and holidays. A few vacation days were used too. Hopefully 2018 will reveal some surprises and better health. Enjoyed all of your finds be safe all! HH,Harry

104 gold (minus returns) for 2017.

133 silver for 2017. Coins in holders will not be scrapped.

400+ junk jewelry for 2017. Mostly earrings

79 keys for 2017. Good year for keys for some reason?!

Some of the glass removed from swimming areas this year.

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