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Went to the bank to visit some old friends!

It's cold out side and kind of depressing , so I went to my safety deposit box and took a stroll down memory lane . I can tell you where I found each and every one of these rings and who I was with at the time. I would put my collection up against any and all challengers anytime, In the first safety deposit box is over $52,0000 in just scrap value, My antique collection I will never sell so I don't weigh it or try to figure out it's value, because you can't, it's priceless to me! The last couple of years have been a lot of fun so I would like to thank my friends Matt, Tom , Larry ,Pete , Jimmy, and Jeremy. it has been a blast boys and I hope we have many more adventures together! To all my X-Friends , (You should of been a better friend) HH Mark

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