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Karma 24 hrs later exactly! My 1st Gold Ring marked 417 & its toasty! Lol๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’

Hunting the other day nothing in the way of targets. Upon leaving while driving away I spotted a wallet in the roadway with its contents all spread out everywhere. I jumped out in traffic & did a fast recovery. No way to contact the owner but after several minutes the owner reappeared & Eugene was reunited with his wallet, credit cards & cash. Bud stated now I had good karma & a gold ring was in my future. I laughed , "yea right". This happened at approx. 5:10 pm. The next day we went south found a slope with some shells showing. Lead & a few coins then a sketchy high tone with a little low thrown in. 4 scoops down out comes a green crusty ring. Solid low tone out of the hole 6 on the safari & 13:01 on the explorer. The time was exactly 5:10 pm.... Bud said Karma! Wow! 24 hrs On the dot!
The ring was covered in a green crust which I scrapped off to find a mark inside. #17 I said what the heck is 17? Stainless? Duh! Then I saw the 4.... 417 first one of these I've found. Yea 10k. Makers mark inside a M over a W in a box? At home tried to clean it up as Tony use to say "Forget about it" in the tumbler it is now taking a long ride. Ring also tested at home 10K confirmed.
Thanks for looking good luck

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