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Hunt totals from the last 3 days...

All short hunts. For sure the last 3 hunts of November. For the year...not sure?!

Thursday: lake hunt 2 hours
2 silver
14k thin chain 2.3 grams 28"
Eyeballed the chain,marble,and 3 "D.B. Cooper " looking bills
Only 2 coins(.26 cents)

Friday: lake hunt 2 hours
1 silver post earring 10k!
14k earring 0.9 grams
2 coins again (.35 cents)
87 gram stainless chain that was fooling nobody

Yesterday: 3 playgrounds tire mulch
78 coins for $8.27
1 silver amethyst ring found in field
IDed 77 on Fisher F75.


Thanks for looking,HB

Silver and gold




Silver ring just recovered

Silver ring cleaned with toothpaste

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