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KellyCo. I was very disappointed with the visit.😕

So while I was in Florida visiting my good friend in Longwood we took a trip to kellyCo which was very close. I have spent several thousand dollars with them over the last 4 years & wanted to visit & look at the museum they have on display. My friend is also currently shopping for his first machine. The man behind the counter was put off by us asking some questions? I thought this was odd & tried to speak with him again letting him know I have spent a lot of money here & wanted some information. He again acted annoyed and told us to find our info elsewhere. I managed a dive shop for several years in the late 80's & I can tell you that is not how you treat customers, especially in a hobby based business. I will not spend another dollar there. My friend will not buy his first machine there now either. Later I thought maybe he is not a detectorist? Perhaps he is only someone who needed a job? Who knows? Either way he was very rude & if you work on the floor you should be able to relate with the people coming through the door.

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