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It's not over yet for us up North

I dont know if it's going to work, but here is a boring :) video about metal detecting in the woods i've made today. Hasn't been arounf mutch I must admit, been quite busy this summer. Was a really quiet season for the gold, my lowest harvest in decades ! Competition is very high now up here so i managed less than 15 golds this year.
Started a new hobby : RV ing. Baught a used one and fixed it... several more boring videos on the subject on my youtube pages as well :)

Oh yeah started also a new hobby as well : making videos on youtube. And in what I hope an understandable english ! Couldn't make video on water detecting as it's too difficult to film without revealing location unfortunalty.

Well, since i'm here, I'll read a bunch of post to keep me updated ! See you guys !

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