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Jebus..How many people from here were at South bch today?

Never seen so many guys in the water at once - PM low tide
Met Felix that frequents here - tried to wave at all the others or give a nod but not as friendly as us northerners I guess
Thanks for acknowledging me Felix. I tried staying out of everyones way - if they were gridding - I went farther out - one guy was hitting in close and cut in front of me
and I would move out more and he would move out more - id move in and he'd move in - still in front of me - I found a lot behind him - I finally got fed up
and went in shallow and zipped by him and moved on down the beach. Thought I should go back and thank him - I moved on down and got 2 gold wedding bands and a silver ring
where I had not planned on hitting - saw more hunters in close - I stayed out far - sun was going down and had to head out Gf waiting for me - funny thing - at lunch I had
told her tons of people had go pros in and out of the water - told her I wish I could find one - on way out I got one but its beat - case was cracked - went in shallows to leave water
and got a blast - scooped up an Apple IPhone 7 plus - in a special case - Gf said it was dead - but when we plugged it in a hotel - came to life - guess it might be worth a few $$
I got an Apple phone yesterday - I hit AM low too for a few hours - waters finally calmed - it was murder the previous days and I got battered and got almost time in
I did get this the other day - all signs point to it be real - but still got to have checked when I get home

Got this nice surprise this morning - first 24 k gold - Ive gotten 22k before - this is heavy and made my morning

I got 8 rings for the day - 3 gold - 3 silver and 2 junk
so I ended vacay on a high note - gotta wonder how I would have done if the waters were like this earlier in the week for me
will do more pics when I get back home - may be able to hop in for a few more hours before check out tomorrow
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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