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Is it just me or does UTube have a lot of fake hunters?

Maybe I am just getting old but there used to be some great channels out there on utube, of some seriously good hunters with the same passion as me! When the weather turned cold I would watch for hours and dream about the spring and what I would find the next season. Lately I have been flipping through and some of the videos are disturbing to say the least. Ed the beach hunter finds a diamond ring on every hunt and people are saying what a great hunter he is. I want to gag! Roy Vargas finds a 3 oz gold nugget in a storm sewer on the surface. I guess this hobby is all about likes and views and add cents now. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of good videos out there also , but it seems to me that there are more pretend hunters every time I look , now there are videos like digging britt , who never even finds anything but she has big knockers and get millions of hits like she is a rock star in this hobby. I sent ed the beach hunter a PM once and asked if I could see his collection and his response was that he sells the item as soon as he finds it , and I responded back that was because he needs the money to find his next big diamond ring , so he blocked me from his channel , it's OK because I don't plan on watching that fake crap anymore! I also asked him why he does not find any silver with corrosion on it or just a plain wedding band or a small gold child's ring , his response was that he finds so much of that stuff , people don't care ! He is such a liar, that his next video after are discussion he found his one and only plain wedding band, I laughed for a week! I have made some guest appearances on my friend toms channel but got some hate mail from people that I am a liar and a faker , but that's OK there is so much fake stuff out there I don't blame them for thinking that , I have been doing this for a long time and I know who is real and who is not! I have a monster collection, so if anyone wants to question my integrity , I say PM me and I will blow your mind! Mark

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