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Ring Daddy #7...............Replenishment breathing down my neck. :wall

As always your great posts are fulfilling to me when my scanning time is limited. I did some dirt digging at a Civil War battle site a couple of weeks ago. Hope to post on the relic page in a few days.

I hit a shallow patch of targets a few days ago prior to a good NE blow. Three days passed when I returned to the spot. Not a lot of targets this time but enough to keep my interest for a couple of hours. Got off work early and returned on the low tide under the cover of darkness, now that the clocks fell back an hour.

I looked north up the beach about a mile and was blinded by the massive spot lights on the berm facing south. Looking east in to the Atlantic ocean were the bow lights of the massive dredge digging in the burrow pit offshore about 3 miles away. The replenishment of the Northern Territory is moving in to the third week. The equipment is moving one to three blocks a day as the dredging company is working around the clock 24/7. 12 hour shifts for the crews.

They are breathing down my neck as I scramble to stay ahead of the destruction being created by man. This is the third beach replenishment project as a detectorist I will have experienced and attempted to study with metal detecting the lane on my mind.

I made it a point to go to the temporary office of the dredging company. The company's office is only two block from my home. I made my introductions. I met the project manager who was as interest in my detecting research as I was of the topographical maps of the ocean floor. We discussed the strategic plans for the next two months of pumping. Large maps all over the walls with survey depths and contour lines of the ocean floor. Different color shades depicting the coarseness of sand required by the engineers in delineated sections of beach. Some portions of the berm where not marked at all. There is hope.

Look out Delaware, you guy are next on the list. I was invited back to the dredging office for some further discussions which are of interest to me. Once I get through this one, then review my notes from previous replenishment events. I hope to come up with logical strategies for the future detecting adventures. In the mean time standby for my next reportable adventure in the Northern Territory. Here is Ring Daddy #7 for the year. Thank you.

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