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Weekends Treasures ..Ring Daddy #132

Mr. Scott wore me out this weekend with 10 hours of hunting!

Saturday we hit an old beach from the early 1900's, plenty of brass and silver but no gold. The silver sure takes a beating there also, those dimes are so thin you can cut yourself. Several things at this spot seem to come out with dates, which I love.

Sundays hunt gave up a single gold with a few older coins in the mix, water was calm and very relaxing to hunt in, nothing like Saturdays where we got beat up for 6 hours.

Getting old really takes a toll on the old mind, Saturday we walk a good half mile to the beach before I realized I had two left dry gloves, I made it work but a real pain. Sunday, Scott and I had just talked about this the day before, how we had forgot to zip the drysuits up all the way at one time or another. Well I forgot Sunday but luck was with me and I only got a little damp down the arm.

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