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A Couple of Dirt Fishing Ring Daddies #25, 26

It's been about three weeks since I was in the water but I've managed a couple more golds to the tally. At the end of September I sold 4 of the wedding bands I found this year and bought a new to me Explorer SE Pro for a nice price and have been hitting all my old haunts, cornfields, cellars and hay fields etc. to see what I missed with my old DFX. Apparently I missed a lot but I'll post those on the metal detecting Depot forum. #25 came from and old sledding hill that had a winter carnival every winter up until about 1935 but it's still used today and hit often. Small 14K rose gold missing stone. #26 is a heavy 12.5 gram 10K 1958 class ring no initials or school name. Found at an old cellar site in the hay field. Happy Hunting to all you pirates. Gonna try and try and get back in the ocean this weekend.

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