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Weekend finds: Some odds and ends...

My last Friday vacation day for the year was a beach hunt. Checked 6 beaches hunted 3. Tough conditions for 4 hours. Best was 1 silver.

Saturday did a water lake hunt. Hunted 3 1/2 hours. Maybe 1/2 hour of that was dry beach. Best was 2 silver posts and a 14k earring.

Sunday Hunted another lake dry sand. Heavy rain and thunderstorms cells. Did not enter the water. Only lasted 1 hour 15 minutes when the area started to flood. Bailed out but got a silver earring and a piece of 10k something? Tried to get 1 more gold for the goal but was hampered by foil.

Sunday before the lake hunt found a few old coins in a Coinstar machine so included those too. Enjoy,Harry

Best of the weekend

Friday shore

Saturday lake

Sunday Coinstar

Sunday lake

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