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Someone said I

have a big ego and that hurt - thing is - I always try and help others and I do try and shine good light on the hobby
even with this return - the reporter for small newspaper that interviewed me - though I don't know if they will use
every thing I said - but I told her about the 100s of detectorists that make returns and help people with their machines
many do it and get no notoriety - some get a small reward - many a hand shank or a hug
and told her about all the trash we pull and dangerous items we pull like knives and hooks and glass and sharp metals
also all the lead we pull which is dangerous to our waters now -
womans husband kind of wants me to do more than just something on the return
so maybe he will use info I give him on the good a lot of us do that give back - even if you don't make returns - I know large percentage
of hunters here take out their trash and that is just as important - people just don't realize just how much trash is out there in and out of the water
I cant image the pile Id have alone if I save it all from the beginning - and to multiply that by the number of hunters out there - cant imagine
But to all that make returns out there and help others thru this hobby - Thank you
to all of you that take out the trash that you do - Thank you

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