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Just got home from a stellar weekend, Ring Daddy #79,#80,#81,#82,#83

Great weekend out , I have respected the state line as kind of a boarder between other peoples hunting grounds, but other people from other states have no issue with coming here to pound my sights , I have decided to pound there sights and will continue to do so for the rest of the year! I have a laundry list of sights I was going to leave alone but the gloves are coming off! This weekend I had to get a hotel room because I could not get it all in one day. The highlight of the trip was a platinum ring marked Martha to dick 6-25-19 wow what a find I am lucky to have it. Also a seated dime 1888 I know I wrote it down wrong and a class ring I had to turn around because it has the name of the town I was in on it! 40 Indian head penny's is a lot but not a record for me , I enjoyed digging every one of them, HH Mark edia/temp/3d7713f913fe3633105fcc7f877e4f6b_8_ringdaddy81.jpg" />

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