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Made return last night

to a woman at her 50th class reunion
she graduated in 1967 and lost her ring that Summer
took more than the usual research to find her - searched thru like 100 links -ended up finding her mothers obituary (which had her maiden name)
but that led to dead ends but it mentioned her husband as her mothers son in law with her married name - I could not find her with her
married name anywhere but found her husband - who luckily is a big deal in a lot of circles and was able to eventually able to contact
her thru him - we both agreed it would be cool to make return at her reunion which was last night - she was so happy of course
I must have gotten about 50 hugs - one for each year lost - she works part time for the town paper and they are doing an article
and among her husbands accolades - he writes a sportsmen's column for a large news paper (he is a big game hunter and fisherman among other things )
and wants to do a story not only on the return - but on the hobby in general.

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