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I would say the number one improvement for the excal are the head phones

The set I use I do make myself and they complements the other changes I have made to the Excalibur. The PP handle mod which allows you to use both PP and Discriminate to hunt in and the advantages are several. I can change coils on my machine but really no big advantage there and maybe even a little bit of lost depth since it is a weak point. The battery mod another I am not sure if it helps but I replace the stock 9volt connector & cable with a heavier 14 gauge wire. I do run a LiPo battery, along with a robotic cable to replace the weak stock ikelite connector cable from the pod to the ikelite. These are just a few changes I have made, some do improve performance others are for making the Excalibur more versatile and dependable.. I guess the most important thing as with any machine is know how to use what you have, I really thing the hunter makes the machine.

And the head phones I use when going under, which are not my favorites but fully submersible.

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