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Re: Labor Day week hunts:77 jewelry and 1,161 coins...

I am always totally in awe of the number and sizes of your finds. I'm leaning heavily towards giving it a try myself, if for no other reason than my EX has failed to find 3 earrings that people have asked me to look for this summer. Doing a little research I've narrowed it down to either a Nokta (Impact?), a XP Deus with HF waterproof coil, or one of the Minelab's SDC series. We don't have a lot of fresh water here so it would be mostly sand, wet sand and the shallow ocean on calm day's for me, and I am on a budget. Would appreciate any advice or pointers to more info on this fascinating aspect of our sport. Of course I don't expect to be able to produce anything close to the results that a real pro like yourself manages to find ,,, Thanks for sharing!

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