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Labor Day week hunts:77 jewelry and 1,161 coins...

I was out there like a crazed honey badger this vacation week. Hunted with some old friends and just had a blast. Blessed to enjoy great weather too. It was nice to finally get out on weekdays this year! Lots of targets,sadly jewelry has taken a nasty turn to being mainly junk pieces. The best of it were 17 silver and 6 gold. That is from 7 hunts (3 dry sand ocean,2 wet sand ocean and 2 lake water hunts). Very sore right now but will take Ring Daddy picture later. Enjoy,Harry

Gold and silver

Totals from 7 hunts

Lake hunt #1 (4 gold)

Lake hunt #2 (1 gold)

Only 1 gold from 5 beach hunts.
86 gold
101 silver

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