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Ring Daddy #4, #5 and #6.............. Playing catch-up now that I get a day off from babysitting.

To my many friends I meet in the lane and abroad via the net. I thank you for your honest feedback and sharing your intel with me. I for months live vicariously through your vacation and retirement time in the lane. I ask that you keep Capt. Tom and family in your prayers and know that he is with us along the way. To the rest of the looters out there poaching and raiding the Northern Territory on these nice beautiful days of fall. I will not see any of you but Capt. Tom come February when the air temps are 20 and water temps are 40. Stand by for one year from now the saga of my research with be put in print for all to read, if you dare. Now work hard and go find the gold. That is all I like to see on the Surf and Sand except the crazy unusual finds that are as rare as hitting the Mega Million Lottery.

Ring Daddy 4 and 5 I call the "Child Custody" Rings. Both in one afternoon. These were a welcome sight as I spent the early afternoon in court over custody of my two children from the adulteress. Being male in a bleeding heart liberal state and my 29 year professional career choice helping others did not help me much at all. So mot it be.

Ring Daddy 6 came after I bid my friend Dennis In MD a farewell after we hunted part of the low tide together. Dennis will you please post for the sake of the Northern Territory Gold Crew...... Please! VZSPY met me and I shared the spoils with him. Tried to put Spy on the spot as I had to go pick-up my daughter from her first day back in school. South-South West wind on the incoming tide today was not favorable so he came up empty handed. Back to work. Today was a vacation day.

Side note.......Max I miss you buddy, no show this year raiding the Northern Territory with the VA Raiding Cres?????? We are now in September buddy.

Happy Hunting. Planning a trip with my brother in November to the private property of my hometown Civil War battle fields. I got my brother in to dirt digging this year. He had a real nice weekend of digging relics. Had some great finds.

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