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Recent silver and gold. Fake $100 bill...

Congratulations to everyone and their great hunts and finds. Been laying low myself getting ready for vacation the next 3 months. Playing around recently at the shore with a new heater. Pulling stuff mixed in with the iron.

Wanted to post a $100 bill I found today. Movie prop money. Not sure if somebody put it there as a joke or had it and was trying to pass it off as real and lost it? It was early and the beach was empty. I hear they are being passed around as "real" to retailers. It had me going for a few seconds. I guess a money Nitro. Even money is fake these days...

1913 buffalo with nail fused to it.

8 silver and 4 gold (6 August hunts)

Here is that $100 bill

80 gold
84 silver

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