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I bought a new metal detector and wanted to try it in the wet sand. I took my mother's ring and another ring that I found a while back (gold with 3 diamonds), a nickel, a silver dime, a quarter and a wheat back penny so I could get a good idea of where everything was registering. Long story short.... I came home with everything except for the gold ring with diamonds (glad I still had my mother's ring though!) I don't know if I left it in the sand while checking targets or if I pulled it out of my pocket with my keys....grrr...I lost the thing I found :'( I found the wider ring first and about had a heart attack...I thought to myself "Yay! My metal detector just paid for itself"....well...unfortunately stainless steel isn't worth crap. It sure looked good in the water though. The second one is Tungsten with what looks like abalone inlay. I'm thinking it's about a size 14 :=0 Sorry about the sideways picture...It wouldn't let me edit.

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