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My best hunting day in a veerrryyyy long time....

Too bad everything is probably fake.

We had some rough surf after a weekend and that's always a good sign to hit low tide.
I walked and walked and walked and barely a crappy zinc. I was into the hunt for 2 hours and finally got a deep high tone.
Figuring it was just another penny, I surely was surprised to pull a watch out from over a foot. Thankfully I didnt hit it.
Couldnt look at the time as there were too many eyes. It would have to wait til later.

Years ago someone told me to buy a coil because air testing showed it could find a gold ring close to 2 feet.
In over 5 years of using this coil, I can say I havent found one any deeper than 8-10" until yesterday.
I was digging and digging and finally saw the shiney side of a silver ring in the hole. I almost gave up on it
thinkin it was junk. When I finally got it out, I thought, there's one lucky person who will be getting there class ring back.

I was finally able to find a secluded spot to check out my finds. The class ring was stainless but very unique. Its a ring from the Hall of Fame
in Cooperstown...coool.... size 10 if anyone is interested.

The watch... Rolex....well if it was running Id have more hope. But since its not and I do see 'mist' on the inside, it's probably a good counterfeit.
I will bring it to a jeweler just to check. The first Rolex Ive ever found that wasnt beat to death.

Although no gold, it sure was fun.


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