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Ring daddy #22 plus silver

Well, decided to stay at work and hit the lake there again. A nice storm rolled through. Tried to wait it out, then lightning strikes fairly close by. It's a down pour and I'm neck deep. I decide i'd better take cover. As I'm walking to the nearest buoy for a return land mark, i hear that infamous mid-tone nice and loud. Scooped 3 times, and no more signal. I decide to take my scoop full and check it out under a shelter house. I look in the scoop as i hurry out of the water, and i don't notice anything that would give me a signal. I glance at my detector and notice it powered off. Fu$#, i yelled internally.

What do i do?

Go back and try to find that signal again, or take cover??

I go back and try to find the signal. Sure enough, i found it. I take a look in the scoop, and a nice big shiny wad of FOIL!!!

By this time the heavy rain had passed and i stayed in the water. Wandered about for 2 more hours and got a nice signal. This time it was that elusive yellow!. A nice 14k mens band. Looks so good in the scoop.

Ended up finding 3 Silvers along the way.

The goodies

Before and after silver ring cleaning.

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