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Fort Lauderdale Fact and Fiction #1

Switched it up today. Drove east to Fort Lauderdale. Home of the world famous Spring Break parties of the 1980's. In high school, I remember driving up and down AIA with my buddies wondering why I was driving up and down A1A without a goal in mind. Never accomplished much doing that other than burning up a bunch of hi-test gas.

The water was clear and calm. Hit the beach at high tide and got in as the sun rose. No other hunters in sight. I was surprised to see some scalloped bottom and rocks...and hoped beyond hope for some signals. Lauderdale is known as the land of sand. It literally takes a hurricane to really open it up.

Lots of weed in the water today...amazing the amount of fish and sea life that congregate around the floating pads. I saw a large stingray, a decent size barracuda and a small school of 3-5 lb. jacks. Saddest part of the day was seeing a baby turtle that didn't make it. Poor little fellow. He was all of about 4 inches long- new hatchling. It's a tough life for them...they are born under the sand and scramble awkwardly to the water...with predators on land and in the sea waiting for them the whole way. Life as a turtle is not easy. I make it a point to remove all the plastic bags I see in the water...they confuse them with jellyfish (which is a food source). Do your part, remove those bags!

I worked North up behind the Beach Place and as luck would have it, found my first floater of the year. Yup...a $20 neatly folded and laying on the sandy bottom. It always amazes me to see cash underwater. I wish it happened more often. I went further north and kept looking for more cash but none was to be found. So it goes. The last time I found a floater was over a year ago and it was a $5. Nothing beats the $100 bill my buddy found years ago in South Beach. He still tells me that story. I guess I'm $75 behind in the race. I have time to catch him.

Ended up with four zincs, three tabs and one dime. Oh...and two hours of great exercise. HH, Joe

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