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South Beach Fact & Fiction Part 3

Had to get in today. The heck with the fact that it's the middle of the workweek. The weather was perfect. Water was perfect. Hunted South Beach for four (painful) hours. Slaw, tabs, clad, and two junk pairs of glasses that were also, as w/the others from before, proudly made in China. Where the heck are the RayBans, Oakleys and Costas? For fun, I googled what the most expensive sunglassses cost. If you are curious, do the same. You will be floored. Let's just say there are some "low end/high end" models that start at 1K per pair and go up from there. I guess if there is a buyer, there is a market.

It was a comtemplative hunt...I started thinking each swing of the coil was like a scratch off lottery ticket and if it beeped, I got to play the bonus round where I dug up the target. That got old quick. I passed a Band-Aid drifting in the current and I wondered if I could use it for my hurt feelings accrued over the last few hunts. We are so sanded in South Florida that the tabs are anywhere from 1 inch to 8 inches deep. The clad is around the 3 to 5 inch mark and there are no greenies. I actually hunted some rocky spots and pried up mini-boulders only to find zincs under them. Yeah- I'm complaining. It's fun to gripe when your audience is fellow hunters "who have been there". I also have kinda given up on using the CTX numbers...I am just digging tone...too few targets and maybe, just maybe a 12-36 will be a nice big 10k band instead of a zinc. Did not see any hunters today at all. They were too smart to be out there. I had the nothingness all to myself. That's OK.

Did see some beautiful fish today...little tropicals and some larger species (pompano, jacks, triggerfish, and barracuda). Always a nice diversion from a flat, sandy bottom that reminds me of what the moon might look like.

To cap it off, the last target- yes THE last target- came up 12-15 on the CTX with a good tone. I figure tab (as 99% of them are) and I see a flash of gold in the scoop. Faked out- it was a golden colored pulltab. That hurt. I intend to save that sucker for the memories.

HH, Joe

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