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I know the forum has discussed this...

And yet I can't get over it...if you have the ability to dig it, why not throw it out? People don't realize how fragile our rights as MD's are. It will just take one person, with a voice and determination, to create a problem for all of us. I could imagine a lifeguard going in for a swim w/a mask and snorkel (they do this A LOT in S. Florida) and seeing craters and cans everywhere. They will understandably get angry and then see the craters and cans on the low tide line. A call to the City Commission and there you go. No MDing. I am not an alarmist at all. I am a realist. I challenge any person who digs trash and leaves it by the hole to post a reply as to their logic. I already know the silence will be deafening. I am not perfect. I have left trash I have seen floating by or on the bottom- 90% of the time is because I don't have room to take it out. 10% of the time is because, yes, I can be lazy too. I am not on a big soapbox...maybe just a little one. I'm OK with 90% success rate on taking up trash..and this hobby is so great that it needs to be protected from those who really think it's OK to dig it and leave it. It's a bigger issue than many may realize- especially in beaches that are popular with tourists. I also understand the counterargument that the MD's didn't originally drop the trash so we have no duty to remove it. I prefer to think that removing trash is just part of our's the burden we bear to reap the benefits of being outside doing what we love. It's childish to say "Not my trash...not my problem"...for those who dig it and leave it...act like a responsible hobbyist and actually do more to make the beach cleaner than when you got there.

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