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Out reconning beachs again today, was more of a bonus day when I got word I could go out since the GF said she was headed to her GF's. The weather was iff but I knew that would lessen the boat traffic so I did a quick 12 minute ride south on the ski. Larger beach but really had a hard time locating the right spot, finally I got into a few old coins then nailed a nice little 3 plus gram signet. Researching this spot it was open from the 20's to the 70's so a few more trips there when the water is calm. Good Luck to everyone this weekend and be safe.

Looking forwards to meeting Mr. Scott Sunday at a walk in beach, which I'm not real thrilled about since the last time there I swear it was either skates or sharks every where, and I know one was a skate for he bumped my coil. But I have scott this time so I am hoping he will be the main attraction. Charging my cam just to see what kind of show they put on this time.

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