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Back At It On The South Coast. Ring Daddy #14,15

Jumped in the Jeep Saturday night for a 2 hour drive South to 6 moons beach where 2 years on a full moon night in August I pulled 5 rings out of the surf while five naked college girls frolicked on the sand bar in their drunken glory. That was a much better night! Was in the water from 9:30- 1:30am, just me, the moon and eight targets. Found 2 earrings and .62 cents DISMAL! This is a heavily used beach and I figured it's been rough the last 5 days with strong southwest wind but nice beach weather hoping other hunters stayed away. Just didn't happen. So onto check my parents house while they're away and get a little shut eye and figure out Sunday's hunt. Decided to go back to a beach I hit last week and found daddies 12 & 13. It's near the site of an old fort where I hunted with Casper last summer. Much better results yesterday as I pulled yet another high karat ring from gravel. That makes 3 of these rings that were found within 600 yards of one another, all old, small and hallmarked on the outside of the band. Figuring they probably came from the same jeweler in New Bedford. Also found a nice small diamond? anniversary band 14K. Got a silver band, Rosie and a couple of cookie coins I'll let my son crack open, ones definitely a merc, some musket balls, clad and fishing weights. Much happier with sundays results. Happy Hunting

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