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Yep, NJ officials shut that operation down. God forbid someone go out and work. Now............

all replenishment projects up and down the east coast now have the MEC. Acronym for Munition Explosive Container. Yes explosives from WW II are picked up in dredging operations off shore. Most of us have found the 50 cal casing that have been pumped in. The difference in NJ at that location OBN mentioned. State officials made the dredge operation move due the Army Corps of Engineers missed a ship wreck in the dredging sight. Hence, the coinage that was dumped on the beach. Those guys had a field day until the videos appeared on the net. Sometimes we are our own worse enemies. I am not being derogatory, I still to this day watch the videos of that once in a lifetime experience.

Here is the MEC. It will be here in the Northern Territory late August to early October. Guide yourselves accordingly if you are planning a pillage and raid the NT. We get hundreds of looters every year. Not much looting once the MEC is in place. Good luck folks and keep up the good work.

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