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Pontoon anchor out..

I posted sometime back asking if anyone had ever detected on the pontoon anchor outs. The shallow places on lakes where the pontoons anchor in groups and people swim and play. I finally took a little time and went with my boat and detected one of these spots I've been watching. While I did not find one target of any value, I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of actually no trash. I found just the one old pull ring which I'm sure is not from the current user group. My hats off to them..
Most of what I found are propeller shards from boats bumping the rocks. The bottom was more gravel than I thought it would be so I doubt any targets would get deep. I also found some of the rock chips I have in the picture in almost every scoop. I only save out the bigger ones for the picture most were smaller flakes. Being familiar with the history of this area the chips tell me the locations was once a camp site for Native Americans. The rock is from a location several miles to the east of the lake and was prized and used to make points. So this shallow spot in the lake was once high enough for a Native camp along the river many years before the dam was build.
I'm sure I'll try more of these anchor spot, but won't return to this one anytime soon..


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