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Out on the ski today, first time in several weeks. Water was flat today so I hit a distant beach I've not been to since May 31, Amazing how much sand has moved in this place. I could not find a target for the first hour, but finally came across a area where the boats have moved some sand. Scored a junk ring first, a few coins then then a 14k,........ squeezed this area for about an hour then moved on to a second spot that I have not messed to much with on other visits. On a steep slope in the water I hit a few coins then turned to notice with one of the coins in the sifter there was a glimmer of a small white gold ring. Maybe the smallest Gold ring I've ever dug. .5 grams. Nice design but not very big.

Looking to meeting up with Mr. Scott this weekend, he texted and said he needs to find some yellow, real bad


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